About Us

Mirror Lawn Turf Doctor, Inc. was founded by Hamada and Theresa Shehata through tough times in their life. Hamada was a commercial pilot and flight instructor with airline experience. During airline strikes in the 90s, the Shehata‘s experienced financial stress. This stress led them to begin mowing lawns. Finding success, they took educational courses at universities in landscaping and spraying. After acquiring several commercial customers, they were approached to perform parking lot sweeping in correlation with the lawn maintenance. They purchased several state-of-the-art Sweepers and developed a system that benefited their customers. Word of mouth spread and Mirror Lawn began to grow.

In 1996, we obtained our Corporate Charter. What began as a small company in Jackson, Tennessee, grew statewide, and now, nationwide. We are in even the most remote areas such as Baxter, Virginia Minnesota and Wasilla, Alaska. We are an environmentally green company.

Mirror Lawn has nationwide exposure and can handle 500 properties with the same care and attention of five. As an added benefit to our customers it is only necessary to make one phone call for all your maintenance needs no matter the location.

We are your one-stop shop for all things exterior. We offer such services as lawn maintenance, lot sweeping, power washing, snow removal, and striping/sealing. We are also capable of any maintenance from the curb up, to include painting and light replacement.

We successfully work for such large companies as Burlington Coat Factory, Home Depot, Lowe‘s Home Improvement, PetSmart, Target, and Wal-Mart.

We offer competitive rates without sacrificing service. We have an answering service and are available 24-hours a day 7 days a week including weekends and holidays. We offer prompt response; we are a leading force in the exterior maintenance business.

We look forward to providing you with the same excellent service that so many of our customers have become accustom to.

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