Trusted Tree Experts

Subject Matter Experts

We work directly with ISA certified arborists to ensure work is performed to the highest standards and comply with American National Standard Institute (ANSI) A-300 guidelines. When it comes to trusted tree care, credentials are our first priority. Service Partner training and experience ensures work is completed safely and efficiently, and work is verified through on-site audits and photo verification.

Pricing Consistency

At Mirror Lawn, we maintain consistent standards to control costs so you get a reliable, cost-effective integrated tree management program. We team up with regional and national providers to standardize pricing across markets and provide volume discounts by establishing pre-determined rates.

Safety & Liability Prevention

Proper tree service protects your customers from safety issues related to fallen or overgrown branches or structurally compromised trees. With these risks in mind, Mirror Lawn certifies our expert arborists are properly trained and site safety is our primary focus. Through our vendor on-boarding program we validate up-to-date industry certifications and licenses.

Service Offerings

  • Pruning & Maintenance Programs
  • Tree & Shrub Installations
  • Tree & Shrub Removal
  • Storm Damage & Rapid Response
  • Hazardous Tree Assessment